Our Clients

Our current and past clients include those from a very wide range of industry sectors and disciplines. In size they typically range from £5m to £30m turnover, and would usually be described as owner-led organisations, looking to take their businesses to the next stage of growth and profitability. By following our business coaching methods, our past clients have experienced fantastic successes, and realised far greater business growth and shareholder equity value than they otherwise would have.

As you will see from out testimonials page, our clients include:

Michael Divers, Managing Director at Associated Continuity Teams Limited

Wendy McDougall, Founder and CEO of Firefish Software Ltd

Duggie Carlyle, Director, CARLYLE – Leaders in Talent

Tino Nombro, CEO, Ambergreen

Peter Casebow, CEO GoodPractice

It was recently announced that GoodPractice achieved an outstanding business exit, in the form of a sale to Yorkshire based, Emerald Publishing.