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We believe every business owner deserves a business which rewards them in time, money and choice – exactly what they went into business for.


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Our Methodology – the techniques which make your coaching unique and more effective

Business coaching is about more than just the coach, and their experience. Sustainable coaching results means successfully transferring business capability, and this can only be achieved by using business frameworks that define an area of concern and reliably work to address it.

A framework is a business tool, usually shown as a diagram, which rapidly explains options and promotes discussion within a company. It will demonstrate different choices and outcomes, while also helping align a business or a partnership to a common purpose. A consistent coaching organisation will use multiple frameworks which can be replicated, educating individuals within a business on how to apply that framework independently for results over time.

Importantly, frameworks are best tailored to the various areas of a business. Much like many different tools are required when constructing a house, so too different frameworks are required when building a business – the same tools won’t necessarily achieve similar successes when applied to areas as varied as Marketing, Sales, Succession or Valuation.

The management team of your business is its greatest asset: an important part of its infrastructure. So how capable are you and your team to grow your business?

While some aspects of business – like turnover or number of employees – are easy to measure, it can be difficult to put a score on management skills. Even if you could, how would you use that score to prioritise development of skills and create strategic priorities for your team to address?

In measuring the capability of a team or an individual we have to consider 2 dimensions:

Width – This is the range of skills you have, for example marketing, sales, decision making, managing staff and so on… and

Depth of those skills, or how capable you are at that particular skill. For example if you are a golfer, are you a good all-rounder, or an ace putter or a phenomenal driver? A good all-rounder is said to have “width”; a specialist in one particular skill is said to have “depth”.

Your businesses capability is a combination of the two.

“Capability” is the term that we use to describe the quality and skills of the management team of a business. This doesn’t mean the specific technical skills which are particular to your business, but rather the general skills required to run a business successfully.

This framework provides a tool for evaluating the capability of your management team and to identify those areas which would most benefit from improvement.