4 Mar 2016

Recruiter’s Live Lounge with Kai Murray

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This is a reblog of an article featuring an interview with Kai from Roy Ripper.

Kai Murray is the former MD of ‘Search Consultancy’ who managed their period of massive growth and who now is passing on her 25+ years of expert recruitment and business experience through business coaching and consultancy.  Kai spent 11 years at Search, employed originally in 1996 as Associate Director Edinburgh and within two years became the MD for Scotland.  In 2002 she did a BI MBO growing the business from £40M to £120M on exit and on leaving Search had over 600 employees and offices in 13 cities. Kai raises lots of money for charity and is a Board Member for the Princess Trust for Carers – she has personally raised over £150k for them.


Favourite success quote

  • Kai was given the advice “Surround yourself with talented people”  in the early days of her career and it is something she has followed in all of her businesses. “Once you have these people around you, you need to look after them, – if you look after your team they will look after you.”

Biggest failure faced in recruitment

  • Kai feels the biggest challenge she has faced in her recruitment career so far, was when after returning from a holiday one of her Directors informed her of his departure. He then followed that with the news that he was also taking nine member of his team as well!  Watch the interview now to find out how Kai came through this challenging time and continued to grow this part of her business.

Recruitment ‘eureka’ moment

  • Kai remembers the point when she realised things needed to change, and she started to work ON the business, rather than IN it, which then enabled her to move forward to the next step.

Best piece of business advice

  • “Be yourself – because everyone else is taken!”

Best business resource

  • The most successful business’s that Kai is working with, are the ones where the managers and leaders in that business are making the complex, simple.

Best business book –Black Box Thinkingby Matthew Syed

Kai’s final piece of advice – “Invest in your future, don’t invest in today.  What would you be doing today if you were already the business you wanted to be – and start doing that today!”