Get ready for your Innovation Journey:

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20 Feb 2014

Get ready for your Innovation Journey:

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In the next 3 years, Shirlaws will walk you through an extraordinary Innovation Journey. We’ll share why, what and how to innovate the ‘asset’ of your business, not just innovate your product. The outcome will be more revenue, a consistent competitive edge, more employee energy and ultimately you, as the business owner, extracted from the business, should you wish to be.

To prepare you for this, we invite you to take the Stages test to understand where you are on the lifecycle of a business.  If you’ve taken it before, taking it again now will track your progress and tell you where to start as we guide you through the Innovation Journey.

Stages is a powerful indicator which tracks companies from start up to advanced growth, through two brick walls. This knowledge keeps us in the driving seat so that the business works for our wellbeing, not vice versa. From an innovation perspective, Stages is crucial to understanding the options available to you – and what opportunities you can capture right now.

Why is Stages different?

The Shirlaws Stages framework is a diagrammatic model which illustrates the journey of a business through its lifecycle. This journey, which all businesses pass along, is not based on revenue, profit, or staff numbers, but rather the feelings that the business experiences.

All businesses, from solopreneurs to corporate boards, are run by people, and people are impacted by their feelings. Privately-owned businesses with multi-million pound revenues are especially susceptible to the feelings of the owner. As a business owner, how you feel has a daily impact on communication, decision-making, and employee motivation and development.

The Stages framework is not timebound – each business will travel along its lifecycle at a different rate. Some may complete the whole lifecycle in a few years. Others may take decades.

Stages is a key decision making tool for Shirlaws clients.

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